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Project Description

VR Eyes

Revamping how we get our eyes tested for eye exams

Have you ever needs to get your eyes checked for new contacts or glasses but the process takes so long and inconvenient that you rather just let it go?

  • VR Eyes Technology is revamping how we get our eyes tested for eye exams
  • With the new technology, VR Eyes hope to update the old system and procedures of the
    eye exam business
  • Getting your eye exam for new contacts and glasses will change forever and can be done at the comfort of your home
  • VR Eyes Technology will eliminate the need to book eye exam appointments and waiting times at the optometry for your eye exam and results
  • VR Eyes Technology will upgrade the process of booking eye exam appointments waiting time at the optometry conducting the eye exam waiting for your results sending the results to get new contacts and glasses

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VR Eyes