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Corporate Overview

About Blok Technologies

BLOK Technologies Inc. is a public company that invests in and develops emerging companies in the blockchain technology sector. Our approach is to provide capital, technology and management expertise to the companies we develop.  BLOK Technologies is building out a portfolio of technology solutions we can enable and grow with significant returns on investment for investors and entrepreneurs. BLOK Technologies delivers solutions for businesses and consumers that enable trust, transactions and potential to be unlocked.

Why Blockchain?

The undisputed and established consensus within the industry is that blockchain has the capacity to radically transform many aspects of the economy. Blockchain protocol allows for enhanced trust & security, cost reduction, and more effective ways to conduct business. The blockchain revolution is here.

“Blockchain is fundamentally transforming the way transactions and trust are delivered”

– Robert Dawson, BLOK Technologies CEO

This enthusiasm is strongly shared by the investing public. However, they currently have few opportunities to capitalize on the most significant innovation wave of our time. The uncertainties of cryptocurrencies and ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) as well as the tedious level of due diligence required to assess projects within this emerging industry has created further impediments to the investing public.

BLOK Technologies provides reliable and established opportunities for investors aiming to invest in blockchain technologies without the volatility. BLOK Technologies enables investors to capitalize on opportunities in this emerging sector without the exposure and risk of unproven investment approaches such as ICO’s.

Investment Approach:

BLOK Technologies’ approach is to identify early-stage technologies with potential to disrupt and innovate within their chosen industry. We define their opportunity, assess their requirements and provide them with the necessary financing and expertise to ensure the success of their projects.


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